Think Green Series

Think Green Series


Think Green - Alternative Fuels, Global Warming, Go Organic, Recycling and Water Conservation.


Teach environmental studies in the inclusive classroom with these unique informational books.

Each title methodically explains the tough problems faced by our planet, plus solutions large and small.

Each book contains hundreds of colourful photographs, illustrations, charts, graphs, index, glossary, and 'Facts and Figures' section.

The teachers guide contains multiple components.

Three lesson plans are included, each divided into sections: vocabulary, preview, reading the text, discussing the meaning, word work, extending the meaning, and critiquing.

The teacher's guide also contains 10 worksheets (2 vocabulary, 1 writing, 2 review, and 5 activity sheets) for each title.


  • Scientific terms are defined in context
  • Full-colour artwork grabs the reader's attention and assists comprehension
  • Teacher's guide with reproducible activities
  • Glossary defines difficult terms
  • 'Did you know?' sections contain interesting facts
  • End-of-book 'Facts and figures' section summarises critical information
  • Index takes students directly to topics of interest
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Alternative Fuels
Price: $90.00
Global Warming Set of 6 books
Price: $90.00
Go Organic
Price: $90.00
Price: $90.00
Water Conservation
Price: $90.00
Think Green - Teachers Guide
Price: $90.00